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XLRuler DD: Dowsing Divination Course

Pre requisite: None
Total 5 hours Course Fee S$388/-
Learn how to use the Xun Long Ruler to analyze the Earth Qi
and using it as a divination tool to determine the answer of the questions you have.

Lesson will be conducted in English with Chinese feng shui terminology.
Lesson will be conducted by Master Andrew Tan
Course note will be provided.
Certificate of achievement will be awarded at the end of this course.

Course Content:

The history of Xun Long Ruler;
The application principle of the Xun Long Ruler;
The Qi from the Mountain Range Magnetic Field
The structure of the universe
Explore the mysteries of human life
Body Energy Hub
Mysterious acupoint induction
Crust and Surface Structure Theory
Earth Gravity
Environmental Electromagnetics and Humans
Feng Shui Earth Spiritual Qi
Measuring Methods
Measure the auspicious position of Bed etc
Divination of Lost item and others
Divination to determine the answer of the questions you have

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