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77th Feng Shui Course May 2023

76th Feng Shui Course Feb 2023

75th Feng Shui Course Sep 2022

74th Feng Shui Course Jun 2022

73th Feng Shui Course May 2022

72nd Feng Shui Course March 2022

67th Feng Shui Course Apr 2021

66th Feng Shui Course Jan 2021

65th A Feng Shui Course Nov 2020

65th B Feng Shui Course Nov 2020

64th Feng Shui Course Aug 2020

63rd Feng Shui Course Apr 2020

62nd Feng Shui Course Jan 2020

61st Feng Shui Course Oct 2019

60th Feng Shui Course July 2019

59th Feng Shui Course Mar 2019

58th Feng Shui Course Jan 2019

57th Feng Shui Course Oct 2018

56th Feng Shui Course July 2018

55th Feng Shui Course March 2018

54th Feng Shui Course Jan 2018

53th Feng Shui Course Oct 2017

52nd Feng Shui Course July 2017

51th Feng Shui Course Mar 2017

50th Feng Shui Course Jan 2017

49th Feng Shui Course Oct 2016

48th Feng Shui Course July 2016

47th Feng Shui Course Feb 2016

46th Feng Shui Course Jan 2016

45th Feng Shui Course Oct 2015

44th Feng Shui Course June 2015

43th Feng Shui Course March 2015

42th Feng Shui Course Jan 2015

41th Feng Shui Course Sept 2014

40th Feng Shui Course July 2014

39th Feng Shui Course Mar 2014

38th Feng Shui Course Jan 2014

37th Feng Shui Course Nov 2013

36th Feng Shui Aug 2013
35th Feng Shui May 2013

34th Feng Shui Mar 2013

33th FS Oct 2012 Ex

33th FS Sep 2012 Reg

32nd FS July 2012 Ex

31st FS Apr 2012 Reg

31st FS Apr 2012 Ex

30th FS Jan 2012 Ex

29th FS Sep 2011 Reg

29th FS Oct 2011 Ex

28th FS Jun 2011 Reg

28th FS July 2011 Ex

27th FS Apr 2011 Reg

27th FS Mar 2011 Ex

26th FS Jan 2011 Reg

26th FS Jan 2011 Ex

25th FS Jul 2010 Ex2

25th FS Jul 2010 Ex2

25th FS Jul 2010 Reg

24th FS Jan 2010

23rd FS Jul 2009

22nd FS Mar 2009

21st FS Jan 2009

20th FS Oct 2008

19th FS Jul 2008

18th FS May 2008

17th FS Mar 2008

16th FS Dec 2007

15th FS Sep 2007

14th FS Jun 2007

13th FS Mar 2007 KL

12th FS Feb 2007

11th FS Nov 2006

10th FS Oct 2006 Eve

9th FS Oct 2006 Pm

8th FS Aug 2006 KL

7th FS Jul 2006 Eve

6th FS Jul 2006 Pm

5th FS May 2006 KL

4th FS Apr 2006

3rd FS Mar 2006

2nd FS Oct 2005

1st FS Jul 2005
74th Ba Zi Course Feb 2023

73rd Ba Zi Course Oct 2022

72nd Ba Zi Course Aug 2022

71st Ba Zi Course May 2022

67th 69th BaZi Course Feb 2022

62nd Ba Zi Course Jun 2020

61st Ba Zi Course Jan 2020

60th Ba Zi Course Oct 2019

59th Ba Zi Course July 2019

58th Ba Zi Coure Apr 2019

57th Ba Zi Course Jan 2019

56th Ba Zi Course Oct 2018

55th Ba Zi Course July 2018

54th Ba Zi Course March 2018

53th Ba Zi Course Jan 2018

52th Ba Zi Course Oct 2017

51st Ba Zi Course July 2017

50th Ba Zi Course Mar 2017

49th Ba Zi Course Jan 2017

48th Ba Zi Course Nov 2016

47th Ba Zi Course July 2016

46th Ba Zi Course Mar 2016

45th Ba Zi Course Jan 2016

44th Ba Zi Course Oct 2015

43th Ba Zi Course July 2015

42th Ba Zi Course March 2015

41th Ba Zi Course Jan 2015

40th Ba Zi Course Oct 2014

39th Ba Zi Course July 2014

38th Ba Zi Course Apr 2014

37th Ba Zi Course Jan 2014

36th Ba Zi Course Nov 2013
35th Ba Zi July 2013
34th Ba Zi May 2013

33th Ba Zi Mar 2013

32th Ba Zi Jan 2013

31th Ba Zi Oct 2012 Ex

30th Bazi July 2012 Ex

29th Bazi Apr 2012 Ex

29th Bazi Apr 2012 Reg

28th Bazi Feb 2012 Ex

27th Bazi Oct 2011 Ex

27th Bazi Sep 2011 Reg

26th Bazi Jul 2011 Ex

26th Bazi Jun 2011 Reg

25th Bazi April 2011 Ex

24th Bazi Jan 2011 Ex

24th Bazi Jan 2011 Reg

23rd Bazi Jul 2010 Ex

23rd Bazi Jul 2010 Reg

22nd Bazi Jan 2010

21st Bazi Jun 2009

20th Bazi Feb 2009

22nd Face Palm Reading Course May 2023

21st Qi Men Dun Jia Course Jan 2023

28th Mei Hua Divination Course Jan 2023

14th Past Life Analysis Dec 2022

21st Face Palm Reading Course Dec 2022

19th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course July 2022

20th Qi Men Dun Jia Course Jun 2022

13th Past Life Analysis Apr 2022

20th Face & Palm Reading Course Apr 2022

14th 15th Zi Wei Dou Shu Nov 2020 Apr 2021

2nd Past Life Analysis Jun 2020

24th Mei Hua Divination Course Mar 2020

16th Face & Palm Reading Course Feb 2020

13th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Nov 2019

23rd Mei Hua Divination Course Sep 2019

16th Qi Men Dun Jia Course July 2019

15th Face & Palm Reading Course Jun 2019

12th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course May 2019

15th Qi Men Dun Jia Course Mar 2019

22nd Mei Hua Divination Course Feb 2019

14th Face & Palm Reading Course Feb 2019

11th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Oct 2018

13th Face & Palm Reading Course Jun 2018

10th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course March 2018

9th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Jan 2018

20th Mei Hua Divination Jan 2018

14th Qi Men Dun Jia Jan 2018

12th Face & Palm Reading Jan 2018

8th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Oct 2017

7th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course July 2017

13th Qi Men Dun Jia May 2017

6th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Apr 2017

Master Liang Zi Wei Dou Shu Mar 2017

5th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Jan 2017

17th Mei Hua Divination Course Dec 2016

11th Face Reading Course Dec 2016

12th Qi Men Dun Jia Sep 2016

4th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Aug 2016

3rd Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Apr 2016

2nd Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Jan 2016

16th Mei Hua Divination Jan 2016

1st Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Sep 2015

11th Qi Men Dun Jia Aug 2015

10th Face Reading July 2015

15th Mei Hua Divination Jun 2015

10th Qi Men Dun Jia Jan 2015

14 Mei Hua Divination Jan 2015

9th Face Reading Course Dec 2014

1st Chinese Name Course Nov 2014

7th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Sept 2014

6th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course July 2014

13th Mei Hua Divination June 2014

9th Qi Men Dun Jia May 2014

8th Face Reading Course Apr 2014

5th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Mar 2014

2nd Feng Shui Name Card Mar 2014

4th Zi Wei Dou Shu Course Jan 2014

7th Face Reading Course Dec 2013

12th Mei Hua Divination Dec 2013

8th Qi Men Sep 2013

3rd ZWDS Sep 2013

1st FS Name Card July 2013
2nd ZWDS Jun 2013

1st ZWDS May 2013

11th Mei Hua Apr 2013

6th Face Reading Mar 2013

7th Qi Men Dec 2012

10th Mei Hua Sep 2012

6th Qi Men Sep 2012

5th Qi Men Aug 2012

5th Face Reading Jun 2012

4th Qi Men May 2012

9th Mei Hua Mar 2012

3rd Qi Men Feb 2012

2nd Qi Men Feb 2012 Reg

4th Face Reading Dec 2011

8th Mei Hua Sep 2011

1st Qi Men Jun 2011

3rd Face Reading May 2011

7th Mei Hua Mar 2011

6ht Mei Hua Sep 2010

5th Mei Hua Apr 2010

2nd Face Reading Mar 2010

1st Face Reading Jan 2011

4th Mei Hua Aug 2009

3rd Mei Hua Oct 2008

2nd Mei Hua Aug 2008

1st Mei Hua Jul 2008

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