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BZ M2: Intermediate [Ba Zi] Fate & Luck Practitioner Course

Pre requisite: BZ M1- Basic [Ba Zi] Fate & Luck Practical Course
14 hours Saturady and Sunday from 9.30am to 5.30pm
Course Fee S$688/-

Based on [Ba Zi] ancient theory, to strengthen the Basic theories learned and develope the skill to analyze the structure of the [Ba Zi] for advance learning includes Special category and clashes.

Lesson will be conducted in English with Chinese feng shui terminology.
Lesson will be conducted by Master Andrew Tan
Course note will be provided.
Certificate of achievement will be awarded at the end of this course.

Course Content:

Five Element must be balanced
Five Element must be smooth flowing
Favorable Element must have strength
Not too many combination and clashes
The Passive Type, Special category
Passive [Ba Zi] belong to the "Fighting Spirit" type
Passive [Ba Zi] belong to the "Wealth" type
Passive [Ba Zi] belong to the "Intelligent" type
The characteristic of "Authority & Fighting Spirit" Star
Lonely Favorable Star
Favorable Element must have strong root
Heaven War
Earth War
Clashes between Heaven and Earth
The Combination and Clashes of the Heaven Stem
The Combination and Clashes of the Earth Branch

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