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NC: Feng Shui Name Card Application Course

Pre requisite: None
Total 8 hours Course Fee S$280/- (For Group)

Feng Shui Name card analysis techniques are fundamentally base on flying star chart luo shu.

A well designed name card can help you generate business leads and a poorly designed name card will reveal your business operation weakness.
Every set of name card given to you tells you a story about the company.

Lesson will be conducted in English with Chinese feng shui terminology.
Lesson will be conducted by Master Shawn Yuen
Course note will be provided.
Certificate of achievement will be awarded at the end of this course.

Course Content:

History of Name Card.
The Basic Building Blocks of Chinese Metaphysics.
The 10 Heaven Stems & The 12 Earthly Branches.
Yin & Yang.
The Five Elemenets Cycle of Generating & Controlling.
Early & Later Heaven Trigram (Bagua).
River Map & Luo Shu.
Flying Stars Pattern and Purple White Stars Properties.
Feng Shui Name Card Brief Analysis Concept.
Feng Shui Name Card Advance Analysis Methodology.
Real Life Case Study.
Feng Shui Name Card Advance Analysis Explained.
Feng Shui Name Card Advance Analysis in Action.
Common Name Card Mistakes.
Feng Shui Name Card Design How To.


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