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Master Zi Wei Dou Shu Consultant Course

Pre requisite: None
Total 6 days = 42 hours
Zi Wei Dou Shu Course is to reveal the insights of a person's life, discover the root cause of the problem, so one can take appropriate action accordingly in their life time.

Lesson will be conducted in English with Chinese feng shui terminology.
Lesson will be conducted by Master Andrew Tan.
Course note will be provided.
Certificate of Achievement will be awarded at the end of this course.

Course Content:

  • Master Liang Rouyu - Fei Xin Zi Wei Dou Shu
  • Introduction of Zi Wei Dou Shu (Flying Stars)
  • The purpose of learning Zi Wei Dou Shu
  • [Yin] [Yang] and Five Elements
  • (Ba Gua) Trigram
  • 10 Heaven Stems
  • 12 Earthly Branches
  • The Formation of 60 Cycles of HS and EB (Jia Zi)
  • Erect Chart
  • Determine Self Palace
  • Erect 12 Palaces
  • Determine the 5 Elements
  • Determine "Zi Wei" Group of Stars
  • Determine "Tian Fu" Group of Stars
  • Determine "Zuo Fu" and "You Bi" Stars
  • Determine "Wen Chang" and "Wen Qu" Stars
  • Distribute the Decade Chart
  • The Yearly Palace
  • Heaven Stem "Si Hua" Four Transformation
  • Common Term for "Fei Xin Zi Wei Dou Shu"
  • The Meaning of 12 Palaces
  • The Meaning of Active Plate
  • Substitute Palace for Analyzing Family Relative
  • Heaven, Earth and Human Plate:
  • The Meaning of the Stars
  • The Meaning of Four Transformation
  • Birth Year Positive Transformation to 12 Palaces
  • Birth Year Power Transformation to 12 Palaces
  • Birth Year Noble Transformation to 12 Palaces
  • Birth Year Negative Transformation to 12 Palaces

  • The Foundation Logic Principle of "Zi Wei Dou Shu" Star Transformation Method.
  • Positive Transformation with Negative Transfer, Positive Linkage, Power Linkage
  • Negative Transformation with Negative Transfer
  • The Analysis of Similar Star with both Positive and Negative Transformation
  • Analysis of Positive and Negative Linkage with many Palaces, that is Static Plate Analysis.
  • The Main Palace and Application Palace used to Analysis the Next of Kin by borrow the Chart
  • Dynamic Plate to determine the Responding Time
  • The Concept, Technique and the Application of Destiny Analysis
  • 8. The Attitude to Analyze a Chart:
  • Analyze Family Luck
  • Rich or Famous:
  • Poor
  • Bankrupt
  • Born in Poor Family:
  • Buying and Selling of Property, Moving House and Living Environment
  • Analyse a person Character


  • Analyze Body Size, Appearance and Manner
  • Analyze of Beauty Face
  • Analyze Relationship, Extra Marital Affair, Homosexual.
  • Excellent Romance Relationship, Short Term Relationship
  • Having Multiple Relationship
  • More than one wife
  • High Sexual Desire
  • Secret Love Relationship
  • Extra Marital Affair
  • Fail in Relationship
  • Unusual Relationship
  • Marriage
  • Separation
  • Spouse Pass Away
  • Marriage after Divorce
  • Separate Living or Separate Bed or Separate Room
  • Promotion, Start a Business, Status in Society, Competition.
  • Human Relationship
  • Analyze Education and Examination
  • Analyze Health , Sickness and Longevity
  • Accident, Traffic Accident, Handicap
  • Polio
  • Romance Disaster
  • Conflict and Rumor
  • Legal Dispute and Imprison
  • Analyze Children Luck, Illegitimate Child, Adopted Child
  • Analyze Travelling Horse

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