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Latest Update : 1425 Students (As at 22 May 2024)


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Call or SMS or WhatsApp Master Andrew Tan @ 81132272
or Email:
or Visit FengShui BaZi Centre
Blk 808 French Road #03-12 Singapore (200808)
Lavender MRT Exit B
(Visit by appointment only)

Master Feng Shui Consultant Course

in English by Master Andrew Tan

Learn how to perform feng shui audit check and identify good feng shui property for all family members.
Your beginner step to become a professional feng shui practitioner.

Weekend Class: 82nd Intake

M1 - Basic Science of Feng Shui Practical Course - 10 Aug 2024 Sat & 11 Aug 2024 Sun - S$688

M2 - Intermediate Feng Shui Practitioner Course - 31 Aug 2024 Sat & 1 Sept 2024 Sun - S$688

M3 - Advance Feng Shui Consultant Course - 14 Sept 2024 Sat & 15 Sept 2024 Sun - S$688

M4 - Master Feng Shui Consultant Course - 28 Sept 2024 Sat & 29 Sept 2024 Sun - S$688

Class from 9.30am to 5.30pm

Discount for all 4 Modules at once - Course Fee is S$2288/-

Master [Ba Zi] Fate & Luck Consultant Course

in English by Master Andrew Tan

Learn how to determine our fate and luck cycle to understand our current life. To see is good or bad. Rich or poor. So as to avoid danger during the bad year and maximise luck during good year. A beginner step to understand the secrets of our life.
Weekend Class: 79th Intake

M1 - Basic Ba Zi Fate & Luck Practical Course - 12 Oct 2024 Sat & 13 Oct 2024 - S$688

M2 - Intermediate Ba Zi Fate & Luck Practitioner Course - 26 Oct 2024 Sat & 27 Oct 2024 Sun - S$688

M3 - Advance Ba Zi Fate & Luck Consultant Course - 9 Nov 2024 Sat & 10 Nov 2024 Sun - S$688

M4 - Master Ba Zi Fate & Luck Consultant Course - 23 Nov 2024 Sat & 24 Nov 2024 Sun - S$688

From 9.30am to 5.30pm

Discount for all 4 Modules at once - Course Fee is S$2288/-

Master Zi Wei Dou Shu Consultant Course

in English by Master Andrew Tan

Zi Wei Dou Shu Course is to reveal the insights of a person's life, discover the root cause of the problem, so one can take appropriate action accordingly in their life time.
Weekend Class: 22nd Intake
on Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am to 5.30pm
Total 6 days 42 hours
on 6 July, 7 July, 20 July, 21 July, 3 Aug, 4 Aug 2024
Course Fee S$1988/-
No pre-requisite to attend this course.

Bi-Monthly Tutorial Class available for Graduated student
S$288/- for 7 hours

[Qi Men Dun Jia] Application & Divination Course

in English by Master Andrew Tan

Based on ancient theory, integrating time, space, human, deity 4 dimensions to analysis and predict the danger. Also can improve decision making, strategic planning, negotiation, etc. Qi Men Dun Jia involves 4 dimensions, therefore learner need fundamental feng shui space knowledge and Ba Zi times and calendar knowledge.
Weekend Class: 24th Intake
on Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am to 5.30pm
Total 4 days 28 hours
on 7 Sept, 8 Sept, 21 Sept & 22 Sept 2024
Course Fee S$1388/-

[Mei Hua] Plum Blossom Divination Course

in English by Master Andrew Tan

It is one of the Yi Jing divination method, by using the Ba Gua and 5 Elements to determine the situation and predict the outcome of any events. By applying the skill and knowledge to solve our own problems or help others to solve their doubts.
Weekend Class: 32nd Intake
Sat 24 Aug 2024 & Sun 25 Aug 2024
From 9.30am to 5.30pm
Total 14 hours, course fee S$688/-

Tai Yi Shen Shu Prediction & Divination Course
in English by Master Andrew Tan
Based on ancient theory, Tai Yi Shen Shu is to predict any global event like disaster, war analysis, country development with the information extracted from Heaven, Earth and Man interrelationship with Time and Space. It is used to analyse the problem and solution with a specific set of divination numbers.
Weekend Class: 3rd Intake
on Sat 19 Oct 2024, Sun 20 Oct 2024, Sat 2 Nov 2024 & Sun 3 Nov 2024
From 9.30am to 5.30pm
Total 4 days, 28 hours
Course Fee S$2288/-

Face & Palm Reading Application Course

in English by Master Andrew Tan

Based on ancient theory, face and palm reading can help you understand yourself more deeply, to discover your immediate danger and also understand your strength and weakness. You will learn how to use them to understand yourself and those around you better.
Weekend Class: 25th Intake
Sat 7 Dec 2024 & Sun 8 Dec 2024
From 9.30am to 5.30pm
Total 14 hours, course fee S$688/-

Past Life Analysis Course
in English by Master Andrew Tan

Past Life Analysis is an easy way of destiny reading. Understanding the past of person to make improvements in this life. Also the relationship between people is it good or bad. Understand a person characters, strength and weakness.

Holiday Class: 19th Intake
Thursday 31 Oct 2024
(Public Holiday)
From 9.30am to 5pm
Total 6 hours, Course Fee S$388/-

[Xun Long] Ruler Dowsing Divination Course

in English by Master Andrew Tan
Learn how to use the dowsing tool to determine the answer of any questions you want to know by applying the unseen forces or your subconscious mind.
Holiday Class: 5th Intake
On Wednesday 1 Jan 2025
(Public Holiday)
From 9.30am to 3.30pm
Total 5 hours, Course Fee S$388/-

Date Selection Course
by using the Chinese Almanac
In English by Master Andrew Tan

Learn how to choose the auspicious date and time for marriage, open business operations, moving house, renovation etc.

Learn the theory to determine the auspicious hours.
Also learn what is the danger day to avoid like, broken day, seperation day, termination day etc
Pre-requisite: need to read Chinese Words

Weekend Class : 2nd Intake
On Sunday 6 October 2024
From 9.30am to 5.30pm
Total 7 hours
Course Fee is S$388/-



  • All lessons will be conducted in ENGLISH with Chinese Feng Shui Terminology.
  • Course notes will be provided.
  • Certificate of Achievement will be awarded for completing each module.
  • Class size limited to 15 students at Blk 808 French Rd #03-12 Singapore (200808)
  • For registration, please SMS or WhatsApp or Call 81132272
    or email


Testimonials from Students


I had completed all Master Andrew's courses which I didn't start with this intention
when I first enrolled in his Zi Wei Dou Shu course.
Upon completion of 3 levels, I realised two fundamental things
that provided me the motivation to complete all Master Andrew's courses.

1. Master Andrew is truly a mentor in metaphysics where his teaching
are all coming from knowledge that is fully applicable in real life.
This truly allows me to gain a good understanding of the concepts
and see them in real life application as much as myself.
Master Andrew is a mentor who does not keep any secrets with him
where he discloses all methods which he had personally applied
and proved that works for anyone.
This is how serious he is with his work.

2. Being able to have a good mentor is indeed a blessing.
On top of this, Master Andrew's course is packed with case studies
where it allows learners to gain skills (Knowledge & Application)
directly from the lesson itself.

The above are the main reasons that form my motivation in completing
all his courses as it's indeed truly nourishing, rewarding and fruitful
to complete his courses.
This allows me to further understand, develop and improve upon myself and my skill sets.

Thus, for the potential people who are interested or keen in understanding
or learning metaphysics, I would recommend Master Andrew as your
number one choice as his courses are easy to understand,
highly applicable and his support to you is certainly very helpful for you
to become independent of practising what you have learned in his class.

I eagerly look forward to Master Andrew's new courses
and his yearly convention as Master Andrew continuously groom
his students year after year even though he is about 30 years in this trade.
Kudos to Master Andrew.

Thank you

Best Regards

Justin 18 May 2023

I first attended master Andrew Tan for zi wei dou shu course on oct 2017, and still vividly remember since then how I started my journey in learning Chinese metaphysics (CM) with him (you can see me as little boy wearing green in the picture from 2017, btw, with “little boy” I mean with the infant knowledge in this vast subject, not that literally boy here, haha). For this past 4 years plus, master Andrew Tan has been teaching me all the courses from destiny course (zi wei, bazi), to Feng Shui course, and then divination course (mei hua, qi men) and face palm analysis. With recent newly launch past life analysis, it has been provided me quick assess to whom I can be partner with rather than the need to find bazi.
All in all, I am very grateful with the knowledge master Andrew Tan has transferred to me for CM study and practice. He is willing to share all his accumulated knowledge he has gained from the past to me and other students unconditionally without hesitation. What makes me respect master Andrew Tan is that, he is the only teacher so far that provide the student his own bazi and analysed it with the class as live example, what is his weakness and his strength, and from then provided valuable advices to us in the journey of learning this interesting field.

As Chinese is not my language, at first I am a bit worried on how I can progress in the field with the thought that without knowing Chinese, I cannot access the old text to learn the essence of the subjects. But my worry has been wailed off with the guidance of master Andrew Tan through his class English teaching, so it is very accessible for foreigner in terms of going deeper to CM. Even though the course content from master Andrew Tan seems to be intimidating, but fret not, his syllabus is superb and you will have fun during the class, as I did ??. Beside the fun, master Andrew Tan provided the students knowledge that not just from the surface, but from the deep original theory to the application of zi wei dou shu, bazi and Feng Shui.

We all know with just only seven colors, Michelangelo had made an incredible painting; with just 7 notes of music, Beethoven had orchestrated great composer works. And with only 5 elements in CM, with the guidance of master Andrew Tan, the theory of produce / counter and combination, which is represent the soul of bazi reading, I’d say till now I am quite confident corporate it in reading yearly event for my family and friends. With only 14 main stars in zi wei, master Andrew Tan has guided me how far that we can relate it to, e.g. mother’s 3rd uncle’s son with our own zi wei chart, rather than the other party’s chart. You can experience yourself ??

By large, as I have witnessed the increased trend that CM is more accessible to common people like us nowadays rather than in the past, the choice of attending good teacher is important. By large, master Andrew Tan is the teacher that I will not hesitant to recommend if anyone asks me for recommendation, or if I ever be famous in the field (I hope not, haha), SOCM is the school that I am proud of to be graduated from.

Mai Minh Tien, 21 April 2021

Jenson Goh

Master Andrew Tan is a great teacher as he generously shares knowledge with his students and also teaches us how to improve our lives. He is a sincere and good-hearted teacher and I have learnt a lot from him in terms of metaphysics knowledge and improving our character. I am grateful for that. His lessons are very enjoyable and definitely value for money.
- Claudia Mok, 24th Intake

Master Tan teaches what he practises. His willingness to share and impart his wealth of knowledge in fengshui has benefitted us a great deal. Fengshui is an art of living in harmony and it has no religious background. He taught us that fengshui can be practised with simplicity and minimalism and that indeed fits well in today's modern living! He brings practicality to his lessons by having on site case studies for us to apply what we have learnt and that brings classroom lessons to life!
- Iris Ho, 24th Intake

Practical On Site Case Study

On site case study is important learning process of feng shui, students always need to attend the house visit to learn the skill and apply the knowledge.

Student Gathering Sessions

Students attend the gathering to build rapport and having fun!

A List of Companies invited Master Andrew Tan for the Feng Shui Talk

Enquiry please call Master Andrew at 81132272 or email him at

Borneo Motors (Toyota)
Compass Height Condominium

ERA Preeminant Group
Far East Organisation
Hong Leong Holdings Limited
Keppel FELS Limited
Lum Chang Holdings Limited
NTU Civil & Environmental Eng Alumni
NUS Economics Alumni
NUS Engineering Alumni Singapore (EAS)
NUS Staff Club
OrangeTee Eric Tan's Group
Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
Renesas Technology Singapore Pte Ltd
Rotary Club of Sentosa
Rotary Club of Shenton, Singapore
Rotary Club of Singapore West
Royal Plaza on Scotts
Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
Singapore Institute of Management
SIM University
SLS Holdings (Pte) Ltd
Societe Generale
The Singapore Contractors Association Limited

Toshiba Electronics Aisa (Singapore) Pte Ltd
UOB Privilege Banking
Wealth Academy
Women's Business Connection

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